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Our program offers an ongoing maintenance service ‘LAE Maintenance’ to ensure consistently high uptime is achieved across our clients’ EV charging infrastructure. LAE will provide a comprehensive maintenance service including service calls, warranty claims, hardware/parts replacement and property manager support.

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Your Post-Installation Partner To Ensure Working Chargers

All Inclusive

LAE Maintenance covers all expenses incurred during a service call so you don’t have to worry about unforeseen bills and build an accurate cashflow projection.

Timely and Efficient Service

LAE Maintenance eliminates the back-and-forth communication process to get any maintenance issues resolved. This increases the uptime as problems can be resolved on the first service call.

  • Squamish DC Fast Charger

    Level 3 DCFC

    “LAE was responsible for the success of the NRCAN grant through the Zero Emission Infrastructure Program. The company’s commitment and work ethic managed to save us a great sum of money via this available grant on our project and has been in smooth operation for years..”

    Squamish Liquor Store Owner

LAE offers an all-inclusive maintenance package for a fixed annual fee

Using this after-sales service provides quick responsiveness should anything goes wrong with a charging unit. Despite most network providers delivering 98%+ of uptime on their platform, the issues mainly raise when there is an issue with the hardware. Service calls are typically completed within 48h and should a spare part be required it is typically arranged within 7 days.

With the maintenance plan, LAE takes care of the situation right away and replaces the charging unit if required. We always keep our clients up to date when a situation arises and let them know when the issue is resolved. LAE always has the inventory to replace most of the charging stations in Western and Eastern Canada. Should it be a specific issue, we’ll make sure to order the part quickly and put the charging unit back online.

By participating in our maintenance program, you can rest assured that your charging station will be well-maintained and ready to charge when you need it. If you have any questions about our program or would like to sign up, please contact us.

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