Mission and Vision

Ensuring continuity in the quality of life for generations to come by improving positive social, economic, and environmental impact through business practices.

We strive to provide expert vendor-agnostic advice on electric mobility, integrated solutions, and professional project management based on three pillars:

  • Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Quality

Our Values

With all our relationships and projects, we are always looking to make a lasting impression.

Industry Passion

All our team members carry a deep passion for sustainability targeting e-mobility and responsibility to advance the best solutions for the highest industry EV adoption rate.

Future Focused

What we build today will leave a legacy for generations by doing our part to fight against climate change. We understand that we may only contribute to 1% of change but in the long run each percent will count enormously.


At LAE, we will never accept the status quo and ensure that we are on top of all the latest and most innovative solutions on the market. Our job is to constantly stay ahead and continue to learn in order to best educate our clients.

We Keep it Simple

We help cut through the industry noise by vetting all the players entering a growing industry. We provide turnkey, end-to-end solutions that always keep our clients’ best interests first.

Leaders in EV Charging

Why LAE?

LAE has project-managed over 250 new and retrofit EV charging sites and installed over 1000 charging stations across North America. The technical learnings from each project have developed the company into a market-leading consulting and project management business.

Vendor-Agnostic Approach

Our vendor-agnostic approach allows us to carefully assess all EV charging options on the market and provide the best recommendation for each project. There is no “one size fits all” offering as every property is different, whether it’s zoned as a rental, mixed-use, commercial, office, industrial, etc. Every project requires a different approach.

Clients Interests are Our Primary Focus

Using the vendor-agnostic approach avoids us to have to offer only one brand/solution to our clients. As we are not trying “sell” a specific product or solution and it allows us to source the best customized EV charging solution for every project.

A Turnkey One-Stop Shop Approach

We provide consulting services from strategic planning to government rebate application to project management, procurement and maintenance across Canada and the United States. No longer is it needed to hire multiple vendors across a large portfolio. LAE can do it all.

EV Charging is What We Do

LAE was launched when only the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf were available on the market. We’ve built and grown with the industry. This has provided us with in-depth industry knowledge allowing us to provide expert advice. EV charging has always been our focus—long before it was considered “trendy.”

Meet our Founder

Maxime Charron

Maxime is the founder and president of LeadingAhead Energy. In a constantly changing and vastly unregulated industry, Maxime sought to help Canadian businesses and property owners install EV infrastructure that is future-proof and sustainable. He is also a recipient of the 2022 Business in Vancouver Forty Under 40 award.

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Our Team

 Our team is comprised of hard-working, passionate people who simply love the electric transportation industry. For us, the sustainability sector isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life.

Harry Jeffries

Director of Operations

Harry manages and leads the consulting the project management teams at LeadingAhead Energy. 

Harry has advised clients on delivering solar PV, wind, battery storage and EV charging projects in both the North American and European markets. Given his years of experience in what is still a relatively new market, he is considered one of the leading consultants in the market today. As Director of Operations, Harry oversees the project management and consulting teams at LAE ensuring quality delivered projects.

Harry enjoys attending breweries (as a true Englishman) and watching rugby. He also loves the outdoors and part-time mountaineer. 

Jackie Niebling

Market & Business Development

Jackie Neibling is our Market Development Specialist for the US market.

Jackie comes with many years of experience in the commercial real estate and EV charging industry. With over three decades of commercial real estate expertise spanning leasing, development, syndication, property management and asset management, she’s cultivated a deep understanding of the industry.  Holding five designations, and three different principal brokerage licenses within the commercial real estate realm.  

Recently transitioning into the EV industry, as she recognized the crucial need for innovation in integrating EV infrastructure into properties to generate revenue, bridging the gap between real estate and sustainable technology.  

Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds solace in skiing and outdoor hikes.

Ravneet Grewal

Office Manager

Ravneet is the office manager at LeadingAhead Energy. 

Ravneet has over seven years of experience in client relationship management, financial advising, and consulting, stemming from a strong financial background. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, philosophy, and economics, which has equipped her with a robust understanding of business management, analytical thinking, and market dynamics. Ravneet’s deep passion for holistic living inspired her to pursue an advanced diploma in Sustainable Business Leadership from BCIT, empowering her to integrate her values into effective business practices for a better planet.

In her role as office manager, Ravneet is a strategic leader responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient operations, driving growth and success at LeadingAhead Energy. Her strong project management, team leadership, and strategic planning skills enable her to oversee daily office operations, coordinate with cross-functional teams, and maintain robust relationships with vendors and clients. She excels in prioritizing competing demands with strong organizational skills and attention to detail, allowing her to manage projects, streamline workflows, and ensure timely task completion. Ravneet is thrilled to be part of a team spearheading the progress EV charging is bringing to the world.

In her personal life, Ravneet enjoys staying active by hiking, playing tennis, golf, and watching hockey. She has a passion for holistic health practices, biohacking and clean beauty. She loves exploring new coffee roasters, wineries, and breweries in the lower mainland and enjoys traveling to nurture new experiences. Her diverse interests and knowledge make her an invaluable asset to any team, both personally and professionally. Ravneet is excited to leverage her skills and experiences to help LeadingAhead Energy lead the world towards a sustainable future.

Alex Canning-Choi

Project Management

Alex is a Project Manager at LeadingAhead Energy. 

Alex is a qualified and experienced project management professional with 8 years of experience managing complex technical projects. Alex graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University in 2016 and received his PMP certification while working at MDS Aero on gas turbine test facility projects.

His passion for sustainability and challenging the status quo led him to move to Vancouver in 2021 to complete an MBA degree at the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. Through experiences during his Master’s degree, Alex got exposure to and found his passion for the eMobility industry. Alex leverages his skills & experiences to deliver EV charging projects effectively and at scale.

Outside of work hours, you can find Alex running along the trails in and around Vancouver as he trains for his next Ultramarathon.

Trevor Egan

Electric Mobility Consultant

Trevor is the Electric Mobility Consultant at LeadingAhead Energy.

Trevor has over three years of experience working at the intersection of public policy and engineering related to electric mobility and the energy transition. He has consulted several municipalities across Canada on EV Ready building bylaws and renewal energy requirements, conducted feasibility studies for fleet electrification in both the private and public sector, and has developed draft standards regarding EV charging. Additionally, he has handled the design, installation and management of EV Ready multi-use residential projects and DC fast charging infrastructure, and public charging for “garage orphans”. Trevor holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Queen’s University.

Trevor is an active explorer of the coastal mountains and can be found rock climbing, backpacking, or ski touring on any given weekend. During the week he runs strength training workshops and is progressing towards his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Suhas Kanduri

Project Coordinator

Suhas Kanduri is an accomplished professional with a dynamic background spanning diverse industries. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, complemented by diplomas in marketing & professional sales, and aircraft maintenance engineering, Suhas boasts over a decade of rich, multifaceted experience. From navigating the complexities of aviation to offering strategic counsel in real estate advisory, Suhas has honed a versatile skill set that resonates across sectors.

With an unwavering optimism about the trajectory of electrification, Suhas is driven to carve a significant niche in this transformative phase. Currently serving as a pivotal member of the operations team at Leading Ahead Energy in the role of a project coordinator, Suhas brings invaluable expertise and dedication to the table, leveraging these skills to fuel his aspirations in the electrification of the sector.

Beyond the professional realm, Suhas’ pursuits unveil a multifaceted persona. Whether embarking on exhilarating road trips, exploring nature’s wonders along hiking trails, immersing in binge-worthy series, or delving into research on business’s pressing topics, Suhas’ diverse interests and inquisitive nature underscore a balanced life dedicated to both professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Alisha Welch

Alisha is a Project Coordinator at LeadingAhead Energy.

Possessing five years of professional experience, Alisha is a qualified and adept project coordinator. She completed her master’s degree in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2018.

Alisha’s hands-on technical experience in the plastics manufacturing industry ignited a passion for sustainability. This led her to organize community recycling events and seamlessly incorporate sustainability into her daily routine. At LAE, she skillfully merges her passion and expertise, successfully implementing EV charging stations across North America through her role as Project Coordinator.

During weekends, Alisha enjoys exploring the local mountains, bikepacking on the Gulf Islands and taking cold ocean dips. During weekdays after work, she volunteers for UNYA (Urban Native Youth Association) and VASS (Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports). 

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